Being green

Being Green


What is an Eco-­Friendly Spa?

At Nubia, we take the health of our clients and the earth at heart!

“Our mission is to make our clients feel good by adopting a global collective consciousness of the world and the human being! Our products, our care and our setting must share the same goal!”

Michelle Regev, founder and manager of Nubia Spa Vert.

At Nubia, each product is carefully chosen for its beneficial qualities for your body and the environment. Each component of our decor is dedicated to your relaxation and the benefit of the planet!

Spa is often synonym of relaxation and quietness of the senses but the more polluting aspect of it is often forgotten, even unknown. Unfortunately, spas and regular body care are often very exotic, as much for the body as for the environment. Residential bathrooms are a major source of daily intoxication (1), so imagine a spa!

Our Committments:

An Eco-­Friendly Setting :

  • Locally cut and chosen flooring coated with non-­toxic and environmentally-­friendly oils;;
  • Walls, shower and bathrooms designed with environmentally-­friendly and energy efficient materials;;
  • Eco-­Friendly and non-­toxic paints;;
  • Locally designed and crafted care tables, linen, towels and robes (natural fibers);;
  • Ceramic water distributor;;
  • Québec water;;
  • Reduced water consumption: low-­flow faucets;;
  • Limited use of plastic (wooden bowls etc…) ;;
  • Energy efficient appliances;;
  • Limited use of recycled and recyclable paper;;
  • Eco-­friendly and non-­toxic household products:
  • Local copy shops that use organicl ink ;;
  • Locally designed candles made of soya or beeswax;;
  • Recycled and composted waste.

Green and ethical products (massage oil, butter, special oil, exfoliation, body wrap, mask, salts, soaps, shampoo):

  • Local and green products
  • Hand crafted products made with natural ingredients and unique to Nubia.
  • Etc

1 – See Slow Death by Rubber Duck (by Rick Smith, Bruce Lourie and Sarah Dopp) and (by National Geographic).