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Naturopathy is a health science based on contemporary

scientific and ancestral knowledge that aims at providing

vitality and improved body balance.

Here are some of the main healthy ways proposed to take

care of your body.

  • Ajust your diet to incorporate essential vitamins.

  • Supplement your diet with medicinal plant extracts,

  • floral elixirs.

  • Improve your habits with simple gestures that reduce

  • stress and improve mood and well-­being.

  • Include relaxation and introspection time, leisure and

  • exercise that meets your needs.

  • Strengthen your immune system with a few tricks that

  • can easily be added to your daily routine.

  • Offer a physcial, mental and psychic vitality exam,

  • including a roadmap to well-­being.

There are many methods that can treat physical and

emotional difficulties such as anxiety and stress. Let us

accompany you through your life changes like a new

employment, the end of a relationship, the elimination of bad

habits (tobacco, cannabis, alcohol) or other obstacles hard to


If you have a chronic or occasional health problem (difficulty

digesting, skin problem, menopause symptoms, insomnia or

anxiety), and want to solve it while respecting your

metabolism and without feeling the impacts of chemical

medication, then naturopathy will cater to your needs,


Live life to the fullest by taking care of yourself in a natural

way. Achieve your full potential by visiting us at Nubia;; our

naturopath will greet you and take care of you.