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Sun, Biomimicry and Exfoliation!

It’s officiall! It is time to unveil our nice legs, let our toes breathe and color our pale skin!

HURRAYI! (…Let’s dance Carioca…)

Yes…But before being caught up in this summer joy, experts recommend we prepare ourselves to avoid looking like fried lobsters!

Let us not forget winter has damaged our frail skin with the cold, dehydration and lack of light!

Following in the footsteps of intelligent reptiles that get rid of their old damaged skin to make way to shinny new skin, I decide to undergo a makeover!

My skin and I arrive at Nubia for a session in the all-­new therapeutic infrared sauna followed by a body exfoliation. Upon her arrival, the massage therapist assigned to me explains that the sauna will allow me to open my pores and prepare my skin for exfoliation...form head to toe!


Sitting comfortably, I relax in a surprinsingly bearable heat and let the sauna do its magic on my muscles and stimulate my vital functions and blood flow.

I can definitely say I am ready to breeze through the summer…

Thirty minutes later, I leave with the great feeling of having eliminated toxins and lie on the table ready for a massage with an organic exfoliant made with sea salt, oats and essential floral oils prepared exclusively for Nubia!

My skin and I are so pleased! I think my skin even smiled…

One hour and one shower later, I come back to the table where Karine applies an organic butter that is exquisitely soft and hydrating!

What can I say… SO GOOD!

After this relaxing and purifying experience, my face and pores are healthy as ever, plenty of energy and light, as well as fresh as a flower, and as soft as silk!

Try out the combo sauna + body exfoliation! You may even see your skin smile!