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The holistic vision of health does influence osteopathic medicine but it is the art of palpation that gives it its strength. With increased knowledge of anatomy, the osteopath regives mobility to the unhealthy and diminished areas.

With his or her therapeutic approach, the osteopath optimizes natural healing mechanisms by making sure there is good structural vascularization and innervation and that the musculoskeletal movement is healthy. This manual therapy favors good health by eliminating the causes that disturb it instead of treating the symptoms.

Whether the root cause is bone-­specific, visceral or muscular, osteopathy at Nubia will allow you to rekindle your sense of well-­being.

Whether the pain is articular (lombalgia, sprain, tendinitis), nervous or vascular (migraine, anxiety), digestive (reflux, sense of heavyness after meals, constipation or diarrdea), visceral (menstrual pain, incontinence), trauma specific (accident, fall) or simply for preventive reasons, osteopathy at Nubia can help.

An unfortunate accident? Unbearable pain? An urgent need of treatment and care?

Do not hesitate! Pain remedied fast avoids lengthy problems!

Take care of yourself.