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Lomi-atsu massage

We are pleased to offer a new massage technique, a mix of Western and Eastern worlds.

The Lomi-­Atsu massage is an innovative technique inspired by ancient Hawaiian and Japanese traditions, the Lomi-­Lomi and Shiatsu massages.

The long and fluid movements of the Lomi-­Lomi massage are done by the forearms, elbows and palms of the hands, thus relaxing the muscles, whereas the application of the thumbs on the accupuncture points (Shiatsu) contributes to specifically releasing the tensions and stimulating the flow of vital energy.

Finally, the technique applied to the abdomen eliminates the body's toxins and reduces emotional stress.

This massage, therapeutic and relaxing, is greatly appreciated by our clients.

  • 60 minutes massage  102$

  • 90 minutes massage  138$