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Shiatsu massage

Originally based on traditional Chinese wisdom, the Shiatsu addresses health from a global perspective and sees its troubles as bad circulation issues. This recognized Japanese tehcnique * gives rise to feelings of calmness and well-­being, favoring the balance of all your being's spheres, concentration and self-­healing mechanisms.

Our therapists release tensions, stimulate blood and energy flow and activate natural strengths thanks to different presssure points and other specific personalized techniques such as mobilization and stretching.

Your Yin and Yang (two energy flows) become restored, the Qi (vital energy) flows freely and happily and the benefits are long-­lasting!

* In 1995, the Japanese Health Department officially recognized Shiatsu as a type af medicine. In May 1997, the European Union recognized it as one of the complementary medicines throughout its 15 States.

  • 60 minutes massage  102$

  • 90 minutes massage  138$